Learn How To Perform
A Laminate Wood Floor Repair

Learn how to perform an laminate wood floor repair.

Have a bounce or hollow space under your Laminate floating floor?

Loose laminate wood flooring?

Repair it, before it becomes a bigger problem.

The main cause for this problem - subfloor not flat to tolerance.

Fix this problem right away and avoid the domino effect it can create.

Here's how to do an Click and Lock laminate wood flooring repair.

Locate the center of the problem

  • Determine how big of an area, you need to repair. Find the piece located in the center, then tag it.

  • Number Your Laminate Flooring

  • Locate the final row and the last piece that was installed. Place masking tape onto each flooring board starting from the final piece all the way back to the beginning row of the problem area.

    An important step in this wood floor repair is to number each piece, to prevent any mix-up when you re-assemble your laminate flooring. If, your flooring is all one length, then your cut pieces are the most important to keep in order.

  • Remove your flooring

  • Remove your baseboard or shoe molding. Then begin to remove your laminate flooring.

    Do a reverse installation. Using your floor puller, insert the floor puller under the final row in the middle. Pull it up slightly, then use your hand to push down on the previous row. This will unlock your laminate flooring.

    After you have removed the final row. You can now finish removing the rest of the flooring, by using your hands to pull it up. When your complete, roll your underlayment back.

  • Repair Your Subfloor

  • Use Henry subfloor skim coat compound not self-leveling compound. We want to fill our low spot, not level. If, you need help with this operation. Refer to our subfloor preparation page to learn how to apply skim coat compound.

    Allow skim coat to dry overnight.

    Check skim coat for moisture, before re-installing your laminate wood floors.

    Refer back to our subfloor preparation page. If you need help with this operation.

  • Re-Installation of Laminate Flooring

  • Clean your subfloor, lay back the underlayment then re-install your laminate flooring in the order you have labeled them. Re-install your baseboards or shoe moldings to complete your laminate wood floor repair. And Enjoy your Laminate flooring.

  • Check

  • Check to see if your laminate hardwood flooring is sitting tight to your subfloor by simply applying pressure.

    You should notice only a 1/8" movement.

  • For other wood repairing solution visit our wood floor repair - wood finish page.

    For Engineered glue down flooring, wood repairing solution visit our engineered hardwood floor repair page.

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