Why the color of the floor is important!

by sandy

I love your website. Right now I have laminate floors. My goal is to change to wood one day.

But,I think I can chime in on "colors of floors" and the importance.

Before we moved to our new place we had a color scheme in mind for the rooms in our home. But the color of the current laminate floor dictated our other choices such as: the color of furniture woods, pillows, pictures on the wall, the paint colors of the individual room.

As we wanted continuity from one room to another, and being that the laminate floor color took up 75% of the total square footage of the home, it dictated the color scheme.

Don't get me wrong. I love the color of the floor and what we were able to combine with it. But the color is the first thing in our mind when we pick out accessories. This is just an aesthetic thing for us. But it's nothing wrong with breaking the rules. Its just that I'm not that skilled in decorating.

We had some furniture from our previous home which we didn't want to get rid of and so future purchases had to take into account the floor color and the current wood colors of old furniture.

What I suggest is that you go to the hardware store and find one of those small sample squares of your floor color and keep it with you when you do home shopping. It saves you many errors.

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