Hardwood Floor Repair - How To

How to do a solid hardwood floor repair. Have an unwanted stain, water damage, rotting wood, or damaged floor boards that can cause serious injuries?

Let's repair it...

Here are a few tips and tricks on this wood floor repair process, to help you keep moving along with your flooring job.

  1. Locate the Problem Area
  2. Analyze the problem area, see which and how many boards need to be repaired. Measure the area, to determine how much flooring is needed for the wood floor repair.

    Tip: Add an extra 2 feet on the length, when measuring, this will cover your waste for weave in.

  3. Decide which boards need to come out
  4. Mark all the boards that will need to be replaced. Choose boards up to 30 inch long, if needed.

  5. Removing the first piece
  6. Using a circular saw, cut 2 slots, 1/2" apart, in the middle of the longest floor board. Then remove the center, this will relieve, your flooring board of stress from pressure, from the adjecent boards.

  7. Remove the remaining floor boards
  8. As you remove the adjecent pieces, your floor layout will begin to take shape. The floor boards will start to have a staggered look.
  9. For joints that are very close to each other. Cut the end, so it has proper end staggering distance.
  10. Install your flooring
  11. Once, all the floor boards are removed, re-install your hardwood flooring, sand and finish the area.
  12. Sand and Finish your hardwood floors
  13. Your flooring should match perfectly, as long as you re-installed the same wood specie. A lot of home owners or installers, will make the mistake of repairing the wood floor with the wrong wood specie.

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