Deep Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning, how do we properly clean wooden floors? And with which cleaning product? After all, there are tons of cleaning products and cleaning supplies available out there. What do you start with? If, you're lucky, you will find a cleaning product that does a decent floor cleaning job. Most of the time it's all trial and error. Some cleaning solutions don't have enough cleaning power to do the job. Leaving them dull, greasy, slippery and dangerous. And other cleaning products are too strong and usually damages your floor, eating away at your floor finish.

So, what should you use?

Although, I can't give you an exact product to use. But, I can give you a few cleaning tips, on how-to choose the right cleaning product to purchase.To help with your daily floor cleaning project.

Let's first start by answering a few of questions.

What type of hardwood floor is it?

Is it on-site finished or pre-finished?

And very importantly, what type of wood floor finish is on it - polyurethane, tung oil, aluminum oxide, wax, hard wax oil, or uv cured finish?

If, you're able to answer all these questions, then finding the right floor cleaning product will be easy.

What type of hardwood floor?

This question isn't as important , because most wood floors are able to handle just about any type of cleaners. The only thing you need to be wary about is whether it's solid, laminate or vinyl planks? If, you have solid wood flooring, you have very little to worry about. But if, you have a laminate or vinyl planks. Certain cleaning solutions can cause more damage, than good. Certain cleaning products can damage the glue or cause the layers of the laminate and vinyl planks to separate or delaminate. The last thing you want to see. Is your investment go to waste.

Is it on-site finished or pre-finished

Once again, not a very important question. We just need to know the history of our hardwood floors and it's finish, before we start any floor cleaning project.

If, you had your wood floors on-site finished. Then you must know what type of finish that has been applied to your wooden floors. If not, check with your flooring contractor. They should have a record of the finish that has been applied.

Now, if you have pre-finished hardwood floors. Hopefully you did some research and read all literatures on the pre-finished hardwood floors that you had installed. Why does this matter? Not all pre-finished floors have the same type of finish. Which leads us to the next question.

What type of wood floor finish is on it?

This is the most important and critical question of the three. What type of wood floor finish is on it? The most common mistake a home owner make is by purchasing the wrong cleaning solution for their wood floor finish. Everyone just looks at the label. And if, it says "hardwood floors". We all assume, that it is safe for the wood floor finish.

Big mistake!

Did you know that floor cleaning manufactures, actually tailor their cleaning solutions to specific types of wood floor finish? This is why you can never buy the right cleaning product - It's all labeled "hardwood floor". They have cleaners for polyurethanes, tung oil, aluminum oxide, wax, hard wax oil, uv cured and more. It is so easy to make the wrong purchase. So, know your finish and purchase the proper floor cleaner for your wood floor finish.

One more cleaning tip!

ph balance

what is ph balance? And why does it matter?

ph balance is a measure of acidity. Why does it matter? Without having to take you back to chemistry class. A low ph balance will cause the cleaner to be more acidic, dulling or destroying your wood floor finish, particularly wood laminates. A high ph balance will not do a very good job cleaning. Whenever possible, look for a ph neutral floor cleaner for your type of wood floor finish.

Now, that you have a chosen the proper cleaning product. Follow the manufacturer's suggestion for proper cleaning techniques.

Cleaning tip

Use a non-diluted cleaning solution for your light daily cleaning. These are direct spray and wipe cleaning solutions.

Use a diluted cleaning solutions for your once a month deep cleaning. Wet mopping floor cleaners diluted with water.

I don't recommend using diluted cleaning solutions for your daily floor cleaning. Due to the fact that, too much water can damage your hardwood floors. I will explain in our next topic.

Water - good or bad?

Everyone know's water is bad. It causes our wood floor to cup and bow. Water will damage our finish, shortening the life of the finish, resulting in a costly wood refinishing project that can take weeks to complete. It finds it's way through the cracks and joints and causes the nails and flooring staples used to fasten the floors to corrode. Th rusted fasteners now, form stains on your floor, making it look like rotted floors or mold building up.And you have a wooden floor that is moving, squeaking and bouncing. Eventually someone will hurt themselves. So, how can it be good?

Using water sparingly is good for your hardwood floors. Using water for your floor cleaning will help keep your floor joints tight. Take a look around, all those gaps that are showing up in your floors. It's from too much drying or low humidity. Yes, low humidity. You must maintain your relative humidity (rh) level between 40-50%. In order to keep your joints tight. Especially if, you are dealing with long winters and have that heat or fireplace at full blast all the time. Let's be realistic, you're not going to sit around and try and control the Rh level at all times. If, you're like me, you most likely have no time for details like this. So, a cheat is to introduce water back into your hardwood floors - sparingly.

Cleaning tip

Doing a deep floor cleaning once a month, with a diluted cleaning solution will help your hardwood floors from excessive drying and low humidity levels. Keeping your joints tight.

So, you have a whole new artillery of knowledge, to help you with your floor cleaning.

"But Sye, I've followed your instructions and followed your tips. But my floors are still greasy, dull and dangerous", you say.

Well, if you would like to have your original shiny floors back. You will want to contact us for a deep cleaning. Get a professionally cleaned floor, we use specific cleaners that are specified only for your finish. Dries in minutes and you don't have to leave your home. Contact us for more information. Or click here to find out why you need a professional hardwood floor cleaning

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